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To perfect any physical skill, it is important to focus on the smallest amount of information possible at one time. You cannot simultaneously pay attention to the plane of your stroke while thinking about the weight on your left foot and refining your grip.

Try to pick one small thing to focus on at one time and work it into your muscle memory. Practicing the minimum will allow you to stop thinking about each factor of the game while on the course.

Again, the goal of this process is to make your motions automatic, effortless and fluid. Thanks a lot.

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One of the advantages of our shop location at Indoor Mini Golf is the long 12th green on the Mini Golf course.The 12th green features a number of humps and hollows as well as a subtle break.The 12th is ideal for trying out one of our putters before you buy.Putting is all about feel and naturally hitting the ball close to the hole.

The Burst Junior Pro AM golf shoe is the exact same shoe as it's large adult version, why should juniors compromise? It's the perfect shoe for the aspiring young golfer.thanks all.

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I don't know why all these companies are employing people in India to post these *** reviews, but I for one am just going to continue to mock them and point them out! Not.

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